Preschool (Half Day/Full Day) 就学前の学校(半日/1日)

Preschool (Half Day/Full Day) 就学前の学校(半日/1日)

The Growing Academy believes in the CHILD as the most important consideration, acknowledging children as competent and capable thinkers and communicators. We draw inspirations from the Reggio Emilia approach in Italy. The learning outcomes refer to the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners.



Our Nursery class offers a safe and nurturing environment for your child to explore and become independent thinkers and communicators. As the Reggio Emilia approach focuses on classroom environment acting as the third teacher, with meticulous planning and taking into considerations of our children needs, your child will access literacy and numeracy opportunities as well as develop his or her social skills in school.

Our long term goals for our students is to support and enhance their language and literacy capacities. Every activity (music, art, circle time) is carefully crafted to ensure that your child gets the opportunity to express his or her ideas, feelings and thoughts through these classes. With social interactions with their teachers and peers, they build oral language skills and  come to understand writing and reading as valuable communication skills.

To grasp concepts like numbers, shape, approximation, calculation, arrangement and grouping of categories , The Growing Academy places a great emphasis on play skills and observations to support your child in attaining these skills.




数字、形状、近似、計算、配置、分類分け等の概念を把握するために、私どもGrowing Academyは、遊びのスキルと観察に重点を置いていて、これらのスキルを会得できるように子供を導いています。


In The Growing Academy Kindergarten programme, emphasis shifts from rising methods of the early years to meaningful application of content, skills and concepts.

Your kindergarten child’s developing language competencies are stronger and more purposeful as a tool for communication. Also, with increasing maturity of their physical capabilities, our teachers and therapists are able to hone your child’s fine motor skills and help them take on greater challenges in physical pursuits, and engage in more sophisticated pre-writing and writing experiences.

Expectations for self and social development are prioritized resulting in even greater need of independence, enhanced self-help skills, emotional self-regulation, self-concept and confidence. Our kindergarten programme promotes children’s interests and their natural quest for knowledge; leading to experiences in problem solving, inquiry, investigation, discovery and active hands-on explorations.

In the Kindergarten years, learning is naturally more structured and integrated across multiple disciplines to meet expectations for holistic goals, development of life skills, dispositions and attitudes, as well as academic achievements.


Growing Academy幼稚園は、プログラムを幼児期の新しいやり方から、内容、スキルおよび概念を有効に取り入れる方法へと主軸をシフトしました。子供の言語習得能力は、次第に上達し、意思の疎通の手段として更に意味があるものになってきます。子供達の身体の成長に伴い、私どもの先生および療法士達は、子供の細かい運動のスキルを研ぎ澄まし、子供達が身体を使う時、より高いレベルに挑戦するように後押しします。また、もっと複雑な下書きおよび書き方の取り組みにも関わります。自分への期待感と社会的適応性は、最優先事項となり、その結果、更に自立心が高められ、自助スキルが上達し、感情自制の努力、自己概念と自信が生まれます。私どもの幼稚園では、子供が自分で興味を持ち、もともとある知識欲を掻き立て、高めるようにプログラムが立案されています。それは、ひいては、問題解決、問いかけ、取り調べ、発見、自分が手を下し探求心を広げることへと導いていきます。幼稚園就学中、学業の達成だけでなく、全体的なゴール、生きるためのスキルの練達、気質や態度の向上をめざすために、学ぶことは当然のこととして構造的になっており、複数の訓練が重なり合っています。


In The Growing Academy, we believe that our children should be given an equal opportunity to attend enrichment classes and gain exposure to a diversity of skills.


Kindermusik is the most trusted music & movement programme for young children in the world. It has been enriching lives with the most carefully researched, developmentally based music program.

From birth to age 7, children can experience the magic of music without the pressure to perform – just the encouragement and guidance to stretch their boundaries with creativity and fun!

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