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The Growing Academy helps students learns skills by breaking down complex tasks into smaller manageable steps. The Growing Academy has successfully helped students improve their quality of living by enabling them master skills essential for daily living.

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What Parents Say

I have a son who is 15 years old, diagnosed with Autism. He is non-verbal and we send him to TGA for holiday programme. I am realy grateful to TGA because the centre really helped my son a lot. He is going through puberty hence it is not easy to manage his behavior and temprements. However I was very surprised when TGA managed to handle him and he seem to have better behavior after the programme. Thank You TGA.

Mummy QF

The Growing Academy is definitely somewhere you would want to send your kids to. It is a vibrant place filled with lots of fun, caring, loving and sweet teachrs. My boy looks forward to school daily and there are always improvements every week. I love the daily comments and feedbacks from the teachers via the communication book. Kudos to all teachers at TGA!

Mummy H

My son joined the school 7 months ago and ever since, he loves going to school! TGA has many fun activities customized to the kid’s learning needs and the teachers also provide daily feedback on my son’s performance in school. The environment is also great for kids’ learning and development. We are glad the school has helped my son improve in many different areas in just a few months!

Mummy A

My son loves going to The Growing Academy. He learns not only from books. He knows and understands a lot of things from the exposures, experiments, games, stories, arts and other sessions that are conducted in school. With the daily therapy session, his progress is monitored and he is taught based on his learning capacity and capability. That is good for my son.

Mummy M

The Growing Academy provides a warm and safe environment for my child with ample outdoor activities and hands on learning with dedicated educators. There is also one to one therapy provided to help my child work on his behavior, communication, motor skills and other preschool related activities (e.g. circle time, art & craft).

Mummy Y

My girl is very happy to go to school. She used to cry a lot with her previous school however ever since she started school with The Growing Academy, she is always happy to go school. She gets to learn at her own pace and this really helps a lot with her confidence level. My girl is able to speak up more now and her eye contact has improved a lot as well!

Daddy YJ

I am really glad to find this wonderful place for my boy. He loves going to school and the therapist are great with him. I am happy that he is able to speak up now!

Mummy V

When my girl just started with TGA, she could not write and was only learning to trace. After a month with the school, her writing has improved so much that she is able to write her name and some words. Thank you to the dedicated and patient teachers in TGA.

Mummy C

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