The Growing Academy recognizes that each child is unique and strongly believes in customizing interventions to fit the needs of each child. By incorporating the principles of Applied Behvaiour Analysis (ABA), The Growing Academy helps students learn skills by breaking down complex tasks into smaller manageable steps. The Growing Academy has successfully helped students improve their quality of living by enabling them master skills essential for daily living. The Growing Academy has also helped many students bridge the gap between mainstream and special needs learning, such that these students are able to integrate back into mainstream schools for their future education.

Yang Ling

Associate Psychologist, Principal therapist and founding partner at The Growing Academy

Ling graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) Majoring in Psychology from the University at Buffalo. In 2013, Ling also completed her summer school with University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley). With a strong interest in the special needs field, Ling further pursued to be an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapist, trained under a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) from the United Kingdom. From there, she started serving children with special needs, mainly autism, in private therapy centers and their homes. Ling then moved on to work with the Ministry of Social and Family services in Singapore where she provided trainings to caregivers and workshops to teachers and other allied professionals.


In 2017, Ling decided to embark on establishing The Growing Academy with her sister, Yang Le. The Growing Academy specializes in providing a blend of pre-school curriculum and therapy under one roof. The Growing Academy aims to support these children by helping them meet their milestones and bridge the gap between mainstream teaching structure and special needs. The Growing Academy’s holistic half or full day programmes entail different day to day learning topics, safe in and outdoor play and tailored therapy approaches to every child’s learning needs.

Nicole Lu

BSc Physiotherapy (HONS) UK
Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science
Trained in DMA Clinical Pilates
Allied Health Professions Council (Singapore)
AHPC Registration No: A1301063D

When Nicole completed her Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science at Republic Polytechnic, she realised that she wanted to become a Physiotherapist as she excelled in anatomy-related modules. Upon graduation, she pursued a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from University of Bradford with honours in the United Kingdom.

Upon graduation, she began her career with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) – where she worked in both inpatient medical, geriatrics and orthopaedics teams and outpatient department musculoskeletal teams. She was also involved in treating patients at the Autoimmune & Rheumatology Centre. Her stint at SGH has allowed her to be part of the medical team in sporting events such as the Standard Chartered Marathon in the year 2014 and 2015. She was awarded the Silver Singhealth Service Quality award in 2016 for her recognized work in patient care.

Nicole then worked at Gleneagles Hospital where she was further exposed in treating patients from all walks of nationalities and medical disciplines, including toddlers and various intensive care unit.

As she continues to pursue knowledge in the Physiotherapy world, she has attained certification in Osteon Manual Therapy’s Dry Needling course. As an avid sportsperson, Nicole understands the demands on the physical body and has had her fair share of sports injuries. She strongly believes in long-term prevention in all injuries through patient education and a tailored rehabilitation programme.

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