Mainstream Readiness Preparatory Class 普通学校への編入準備クラス

Mainstream Readiness Preparatory Class 普通学校への編入準備クラス

Some students from our K1 and K2 classes are selected to join our Mainstream Readiness Preparatory Class. In this class, we aim to empower your children through enhanced literacy and mathematics skills, as well as expand their EQ and IQ dispositions.

Self-help management skills, perseverance, social skills, critical thinking, and problem solving skills are reinforced as part of the Mainstream Rediness Preparatory Class learning experiences. Some skills that are taught includes money skills, clock reading and following a timetable, how to behave during morning assembly and many more essential skills outside of academics to be ready for their next stage of education path.

子供の中には、私どものK1およびK2のクラスから、普通学校への編入準備クラスへ移ることがあります。このクラスでは、子供たちが、より高度な読み書き、算数のスキルを習得すると同時に、子供達のEQおよび IQをそれぞれに高めることをめざしています。


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