Play Group

Play Group

Learning takes place at the most rapid pace in the first year of a child’s life. The Growing Academy playgroup class from 12 months to 22 months offers our young learners plentiful opportunities to discover and investigate within a purposefully planned, safe and stimulating environment.

In the Play Group programme:

Your child is engaged through active engagement. Our goal is to create ample opportunities for your child to learn. Through the use of materials and careful planning of actvities, we take into account of your child’s interest, learning needs and developmental needs to achieve active engagement.

Motor skills are significantly developed through ages six to twenty four months. Physical expereinces are designed to help your child master independent movement and control, object handling, hand-eye coordination, crawling, standing, walking and amongst other fine and gross motor skills. Our in-house Senior Physiotherpist, Nicole Lu provides her expertise on helping children with delayed motor skills by doing acrafting exercises to work on strengthening their muscles and motor skills.

Sensory explorations play a significant role in the Playgroup programme. Infants learn through their senses. A variety of sensorial experiences which include textures, sound, smell and visual stimuli are critical for brain development and the development of skills in young children. At The Growing Academy, we recognise that some children are adversive to certain sensorial experiences and may lead to a meltdown. Our teachers and therapists use different methods to help these children overcome the adversiveness by using of the methods known as desensitization. We encourage children to communicate their thinking in their own unique way by providing a range of natural materials and learning resources.

Social – 
Engaging with others is an integral and vital part of a child’s development. In the company of peers and therapists, there will be plenty of opportunities for your child to observe and develop social skills and begin to make early connections with new people. At The Growing Academy, we focus on the basis of social skills which is working on your child’s joint attention, eye contact with others, ability to stay in a group, and basic compliance skills.

Through these collaborative learning experiences, your child will strengthen his or her relationships with the teachers, primary caregivers and peers and will develop a bond that will enhance their learning as they progress to the next stage of development.

Play Group Programme

12 months – 22 months
Monday to Fridays, daily classes.
Two times to three times a week options available.
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