Buddy Plus Programme

Buddy PLUS Programme

The Growing Academy acknowledges that integrating into a mainstream school setting can be challenging and stressful for your children and family. Therefore, our goal at The Growing Academy is to fully support your children to have a smooth transition to a mainstream school by acknowledging and making inclusion possible. We are one of the few therapy schools in Singapore that offers inclusion programme as part of your child’s curriculum in school. Our Buddy PLUS programme has successfully helped many children with special needs to integrate back into a mainstream preschool and primary school with as much support as possible.

Some benefits of inclusion programme include:

  • Building meaningful friendships
  • Increase social initiations, networks, and relationships
  • Helps in building social and behavioural skills, along with building peer role models for learning enhancement and academic skill acquisition
  • Increase access to general curriculum
  • Enhances skill acquisition and generalization along with curriculum adaptions
  • Create opportunities for interaction and social skill developments

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